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Susie Q is a Vintage Fashion Art photographer from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
With her photography she would like to wonder and amaze the viewer to past times.
A great deal of inspiration comes from her love for film noir, colorful pin ups, classy burlesque and music.

Since 2008 she started working for Patricia Steur Studios as a P.A. and photographer.

In 2010 Susie Q received the Belofte Grote Paul coronation. Following she have had different exhibitions and magazine publications over the years in The Netherlands and United States.

In April 2014 she traveled to Las Vegas to take portraits of the beautiful people at ‘Viva Las Vegas’ festival; The biggest Rockabilly event of the world.
A part of the series are published in Vintage Lifestyle magazine. As a final result of this project, she will create a book of the extraordinary portraits of the Pin ups, burlesque ladies, tattooed boys and girls and vintage lovers of
‘Viva Las Vegas’.

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